Uploaded Documents (via Box)

Drupal will not host uploaded documents, so all files linked to from your site must be added to a Box account under an Administrative NetID. You can then upload your files to this account, make them publicly accessible and link to them from your site.

Box General Information:
To upload a document to Box: 
  1. Log in to Box.georgetown.edu.

  2.  Click Upload, and either Upload Files or Upload Folders, depending on what documents you wish to include in Box. Most often, users wish to upload a file. 

  3.  A dialog box will appear. Double click the file or folder that you want to upload. 

  4.  An Upload Files box will appear. Click Upload.

  5.  Your uploaded document will not be public by default. In order for others to be able to see the document, you must make the document or folder public

To the right of the document or folder, click Share.

A new box will appear. Under Access, select “People with the link.” This will allow visitors, even those outside of Georgetown, to view the document. 

  6.  Copy the link that appears. If you wish to make this document available to others, this is the link they can use to access your document.  For example, to make a document available on your department’s website, this is the link you will use in Drupal. 

To include your document in Drupal:
  1. In Drupal, go to the page where you would like to include your document. Click New Draft.
  2. Highlight the text you want to link. Click the Link button in the toolbar. 

  3.  In the dialog box that opens, select “URL” from the dropdown menu. Paste the URL of your document (from step 6) in the URL field and click OK. 

  4.  Save and publish. 

To Embed A pdf from box on your webpage:

1. Click the three dots next to your PDF in Box, choose “More Actions”, then “Embed Widget”

Screenshot of selecting the three buttons next to a PDF in Box and then selecting More actions and Embed widget

2. Select the size for your embedded PDF. 

3. Copy the “Embed Code.”

4. Go to the Drupal page you want it to appear on and click the Source button in the Primary or Secondary body box.

5. Paste the code. IMPORTANT: Add this descriptive code within the iframe tag: title=”[description of PDF]”

Example: <iframe title=”this is what the iframe contains” src=”[url from box]”>

6. Save and publish.