What to Expect Regarding Information Technology as we Return to Campus

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Dear Colleagues:

As we continue to prepare for our community’s return to campus over the coming weeks, we write to inform you of several information technology related updates. 

Changes to Box and Google Chat

  1. Box. The user interface for Box was recently updated. For more information, and to familiarize yourself with these changes, please go to the UIS webpage describing the changes to Box. (new window)
  2. Google Chat (previously known as Google Hangouts). In March 2021, Google introduced a change from Hangouts to Chat. To assist previous Hangout users with the transition, Google created this helpful tool that explains the differences and evolution (new window). If you use Hangouts on your mobile device, chat is now fully incorporated in the GMail app. If you do not use the GMail app, please download the Google Chat app to continue collaborating with your colleagues at Georgetown via your mobile device. If you are still using Hangouts, please know that Google will fully transition to Chat this fall, so please take some time now to become accustomed to the new functionality.

Helpful Reminders as You Return to Campus.

  1. System Updates – If your desktop computer at your campus workspace has not been used since March 2020, it has likely not had an operating system upgrade or security patch since that time. Please know that when you first turn on your computer when you return to campus, the time it may take for these updates to take place could be significant. Please plan ahead by ensuring that your computer is free of dust, that you reboot it when you first get to campus, and that updates begin downloading before you open any applications. You may need to check on the updates periodically to ensure the system does not time out. If you need any support with this process, please contact help@georgetown.edu (new window)
  2. Georgetown WiFi Updates – After completing the necessary system updates to your computer, you will need to update your SaxaNet Connection. Please visit this webpage for instructions on how to connect (or reconnect) your computer or mobile device to SaxaNet (new window). If you’re unable to connect, follow these steps for how to remove the SaxaNet WiFi network from your computer or mobile device (new window), and then try to reconnect.
  3. Computer Recycling – If you were issued a laptop while working remotely and no longer need a desktop computer you previously used, we encourage you to keep the laptop and recycle the desktop. Please ensure that the desktop computer is returned to UIS so that we may destroy the hard disk in order to protect your data and our network security. Beginning August 15, 2021, to-be-recycled desktops can be dropped off at Reiss Science Building, Room 334. Please call 202-687-6626 to ensure we have on site prior to dropping off equipment.
  4. UIS Helpdesk Hours. Beginning August 15, 2021, the UIS Help Desk will extend its hours and operate from 7:00 A.M. ET to 8:00 P.M. ET Monday to Friday. You can reach the Help Desk via email at help@georgetown.edu (new window). UIS now has a self-service ticket entry portal (new window), information articles and chat support to streamline support. More information can be found here (new window). You can also reach out the UIS Walk-up Service Desk in the Georgetown Bookstore at the Leavey Center bookstore. The Service Desk is open Monday-Friday, 10:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. ET. You must schedule an appointment for in-person assistance.
  5. Printing is now managed by Auxiliary Services. See Managed Print Services – Auxiliary Business Services and Real Estate (new window) for additional information or support regarding your printing needs while on campus.
  6. Telephone Service. For questions about telephone service, please visit the UIS webpage on phone and data services (new window). If you no longer need a desk phone or phone line, please remember to contact UIS to discontinue the phone line.

Global Computer Supply Issues

We have been notified by Staples and Apple that there continue to be global supply-chain delays with computer equipment manufacturing and shipping. In order to ensure business continuity, we will no longer be able to accommodate custom computer purchases or non-laptop purchases, which face delivery delays on average of a minimum of 16-20 weeks. 

We are working with Staples to pre-stock standard HP and Lenovo laptop models that can ship quickly. UIS has tested these models and has confirmed that they can be imaged with standard Georgetown software. These will be the standard models available via the GMS punch-out process, and we strongly encourage purchase of these in-stock standard items. We are also exploring with Staples or CDWG the possibility of pre-stocking standard Mac laptops and iPads. However, at this time, Apple devices are only available via the Apple punchout and are subject to availability. 

Due to demand, it is imperative that requisitions are approved and Purchase Orders are issued in a timely manner. If you have plans to bring on new employees, please consider repurposing existing equipment or ordering laptops before their arrival. Used computers should be returned to UIS for reimaging before they are reissued; please contact the Help Desk at help@georgetown.edu (new window) to make an appointment as reimaging may take 1-3 weeks.

Why You Cannot Purchase a Computer at your Local Retailer. Most retailers do not stock approved Georgetown HP and Lenovo models, which are business models. Retailers tend to stock consumer models, which are difficult to support, are not tested, and lack the encryption capabilities required to process sensitive Georgetown data. As a result, consumer grade laptops could pose security vulnerabilities to your data and the Georgetown network.  

Please visit the UIS website (new window) where you can find information on these topics and more, contact help@georgetown.edu (new window) or use the self-service ticket entry portal (new window) if you have additional questions.


Judd Nicholson
VP, Information Technology and CIO