Educational Technologies for Spring 2022 Courses

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Canvas Updates

  • The Canvas tool “Google Apps” to be replaced by “Google Assignments.” The Canvas plug-in tool for integrating Google Apps is being discontinued, and we have installed Google Assignments, its intended replacement. Before adding Google Assignments to your course, please read our resource page on it to learn how this change will affect courses that use Google Apps.
  • Need seating charts? Canvas’ Attendance tool has a built-in module so you can quickly set up a seating chart. You can encourage students to upload their photos into Canvas so that the chart is more useful for faculty.
  • Check out the list of apps installed in Canvas! Do you want to use a tool that’s not on the list or in the Canvas app center? Submit the Google form linked here and we’ll work with you to make it available. The speed of Georgetown’s security reviews and testing depend on whether the vendors cooperate and respond quickly, but expect at least six weeks as a minimum for apps to be approved and installed.
  • Share your Zoom course meeting recordings via Panopto, where we have unlimited storage. Zoom Cloud Recordings are automatically copied to Panopto. You can then link to those Panopto-hosted recordings in Canvas.  Review this information on how to find and share your Zoom Cloud recordings in Panopto. You can also view details on recording Zoom meetings and managing/accessing Panopto recordings.


On Saturday, Jan. 8, 2022, Panopto will be updated with the latest features and improvements. Expect up to 4 hours of downtime on that day, with the downtime having a target start time of 9:00 pm EST/6:00 pm PST. After the update, some functions will be improved, and Panopto’s user experience will be slightly different. Click here for more information.

Blackboard archives

The university still has archives of all courses taught in Blackboard from 1999 to 2019, which can be restored upon faculty request. More recent Blackboard courses are already available on Canvas. We have opted to discontinue paying for a Blackboard online service, but we can still recover faculty-uploaded course materials and install them into Canvas. If requested, our team should be able to recover student submissions from the archives, but not instructor comments or grades.

Multimedia Technologies in the Classroom

Are you interested in adding multimedia resources to your courses? Here’s how instructors can present media resources and how you can task students with creating or annotating many forms of media:

  • Panopto — Can be used to upload and annotate video clips, as well as add dynamic quizzes to course recordings.
  • ShareStream – Can be used to stream most audio and video assets owned by the university libraries and from other sources. Reach out to the Library’s electronic reserves program for more info.
  • VoiceThread — This online platform for conversations in Canvas can be used by instructors and students to create and annotate multimedia presentations.

Classroom Technology

Georgetown schools and campuses’ points of contact for classroom technology needs:

Instructional continuity

CNDLS has developed new resources to help you prepare your Spring courses. Please visit the Instructional continuity site or the Georgetown Commons Tools site to find out more. To arrange a consultation on using these tools in service of your teaching, please reach out to