Troubleshooting (Printing)

  • My printer hasn’t been found. (I get an error message when I enter my printer’s IP address)

You may have received the following error message window after you entered your printer’s IP address: 

To resolve this, verify that you are connected to the Georgetown network either by Ethernet cable or SaxaNet (if on campus), or on the Georgetown VPN (if off campus—you must be connected to the Georgetown VPN to install and use your printer). 

If you don’t have the VPN client on your computer, first install the VPN for your device (Note: You can keep the printer installation open while you do this), connect to the VPN, and then re-enter your printer’s IP address. Or if you already have the VPN client on your computer, just connect to the VPN and then re-enter your printer IP address. 

Also, make sure you entered the IP address correctly (i.e., didn’t enter the printer’s old IP address instead of the new one). If you’re not sure you have the correct IP address, just go to the IP address lookup table for your location, and then look for the IP address (under the “New IP Address” column) for your printer model. 

  • I received the error message No suitable printer available OR no printer matches all job attributes

The messages mean that your print job cannot be printed at the selected printer. If you want to print a document in color, you *must* print that document at a color-capable printer.

  • I received the error message Unsupported card OR System Could Not Log You On

The messages could mean that your GOCard magnetic stripe is worn and not functioning properly. Visually inspect the stripe on your GOCard to see if the magnetic stripe is worn; if necessary, try swiping your GOCard again at another printer to verify this. If you’re still getting either of the above error messages, bring your GOCard to the GOCard Office (Leavey Center Bookstore) for a free replacement card.

  • I received the error message Insufficient Funds

This message means that you don’t have enough money on your GOCard to print your document. You can go to to put more money on your GOCard.

To resolve this, make sure that the options Automatically check for updates and Install system data files and security updates are selected. To do this, perform the following:

  1. Click on the Apple menu (located at the top left-hand side of your screen) and then select System Preferences
  2. In the System Preferences window, click on the Software Update icon (located in the System section). 
  3. Select the option Automatically check for updates. (Note If the option is greyed out, click the lock icon to enable the changes to be made; once you select this option, click the icon again to prevent further changes.) The option Install system data files and security updates will be selected automatically.
  • I keep getting a paper jam when I print a document. 

Georgetown uses recycled paper for the Xerox printers on campus. If you’ve experienced a paper jam when trying to print a document, it might be because your computer and/or printer setting needs to be changed to accept recycled paper. (Printers handle recycled paper differently than other paper.)  Click here for steps on how to change the paper type settings on your computer and printer