Student Printing

The University is transitioning from physical to mobile GOCard and with it new hardware is needed. In an effort to unify printing for students, faculty, staff, and visitors, we are changing print services.

In the interim, a select number of printers are being offered with free printing.

Locations for Student Print

Main Campus Devices

BuildingResidents OnlyMonochromeColorPrintCopyScanEmail
Lauinger Library3rd floorXXXXXX

Medical Center Devices

There are no print locations at the Medical Center campus at this time.

Law Center Devices

BuildingResidents OnlyMonochromeColorPrintCopyScanEmail
Gewirz Student CenterOutside 106AXXXXX
Gewirz Student Center107, Ground FloorX

Printing Costs

No cost during the transition to the new print service for authorized students.

Printer Installation Instructions

Perform the following to install the print driver of the printer to which you want to print.

  1. Go to the Georgetown print management page,
  2. If you’re using Firefox, and the following pop-up window displays, perform the following:
    1. Click Install.
      Click 'Install'
    2. In the following window, click Install Extension.
      Click 'Install Extension'
    3. Click Continue to Installation.
      Click 'Continue to Installation'
    4. Click Add.
      Click 'Add'
  3. In the following screen, navigate to the desired location. When you’re at that location (a floor plan of the printer’s location is displayed), you’ll see a list of all available printers, as shown in the example below.
    search for your printer and its location in print management page
  4. Move your mouse over the icon of the printer to which you want to print, and then click Install Printer in the pop-up window.
    Move your mouse over your printer and then click 'Install Printer'
  5. If you’re prompted to add an authorization code, enter f7tqb89p and then click OK.
    Enter printer code and then click 'OK'
  6. In the next window, click Yes to confirm you want to install the printer. If you want, you can also select the option Set as default printer.
    Click 'Yes' to confirm printer installation
  7. Click OK in the confirmation message.
    Click 'OK' in printer installation confirmation message window

You can now print to this printer. You should see the printer listed in your list of printers.