ShareStream and Canvas

Enable ShareStream Media Manager and Pick-n-Play

  • Enable Media Manager (Media Manager is primarily used as a playback interface and for creating a folder structure for your ShareStream content)
  • Enable Pick-n-Play (Pick-n-Play is primarily used as a playback interface and for uploading content onto ShareStream)
  • Upload Media Files to ShareStream (Once Pick-n-Play has been enabled, you can upload media files to My Workspace, then add/move files from My Workspace to your Course Collection)

Click here for instructions on how to embed ShareStream media assets into various locations in your Canvas course (e.g., Place a link to a specific ShareStream video within the Module page.)

Enable ShareStream Media Manager

To enable ShareStream Media Manager in your Canvas course, please follow the instructions below.

1) Navigate to your course in Canvas, and click on the “Settings” button at the bottom left of the course menu. 

2) Click on the “Navigation” tab within the Settings menu.

3) Scroll down to the bottom of the page. 

4) Locate the list of Disabled Pages, and then locate the “ShareStream – Media Manager” page listed here. Click the gear or down arrow, a box will pop-up, and click the “+” or “Enable” button. 

5) Now you will notice the “ShareStream” page above the list of Disabled Pages. You can click and drag on the “ShareStream” page to arrange where it will be located in your course menu. Click the “SAVE” button at the bottom of the page to enable ShareStream in your course. 

6) Now you can copy media assets from previous or another coruse. 

7) If you copied your ShareStream media assets to your course, they will now be listed within Media Manager.  You can stop here.

If you need to upload NEW media assests into your Canvas course, please continue onto the next steps to activate ShareStream Pick-n-Play and upload content to ShareSteam using the Pick-n-Play tool. 

Enable ShareStream Pick-n-Play

To enable or activate tools (such as ShareStream MediaManager, ShareStream Pick-n-Play, iClicker, Piazza, Cengage, Pearson MyLab and Mastering, Follett BryteWave, and many others) in your Canvas course, please follow the instructions below:

Access your course in Canvas and click on the Settings button:

Click on the Navigation tab:

You will see Canvas tools grouped in two different sections: 

Top group:  Active / Enabled tools

Bottom group:  Inactive / Disabled tools

Drag and drop tools from the bottom section to the top section to activate tools and make them visible to your students OR click on the gear icon to reveal a drop-down menu and select +Enable.  

 – OR – 

Click on the Save button to save the changes:

ACCESS THE TOOL IN THE COURSE NAVIGATION:  Click on the newly-activated tool link in the course menu in your Canvas course and follow the instructions and requiremens as provided by the specific tool vendor.

Once ShareStream Pick-n-Play has been enabled, you can:

  • UPLOAD MEDIA FILES TO “MY WORKSPACE” (this does NOT add files to your course collection)


To upload your media, you will go to the My Workspace page in ShareStream Pick-n-Play. My Workspace is a personal storage location for instructor media. Your media is only viewable by you when it is in My Workspace; it is not viewable by students or other users with privileges to your course. ONLY after you have added the media assets from My Workspace into your Course Collection page, will the media assets be viewable by students and other users with privileges to your course.

1. To upload a media asset, click on the My Workspace tab.

2. Click on Upload Media (either the large button to the left of the media player, or the menu option at the top of the My Workspace tab).

3. The Upload popup window opens prompting you to select your media asset. Do one of the following: 

Click on the Drop/Click to Select Media File button, and browse to locate and select the media asset on your computer’s file directory; OR
Drag and drop a media asset onto the Drop/Click to Select Media File button. (Note: Drag and drop is not currently supported in the Internet Explorer browser.)

4. Enter information about this media asset: the Title, Contributor (you can check “Me” as the Contributor), and Description.

5. Click on the Add Media button. A progress bar will appear, providing you with real-time feedback on the progress of the upload. 

6. When the media asset is finished uploading, you will see a prompt to upload more files. Click No for now to go to the next step with your first media file. 

7. A Processing icon appears in the My Workspace gallery until the file is ready for your use. When the file is available, the Processing icon will be replaced with a thumbnail of the media asset you have just uploaded. Your media asset is now uploaded to the My Workspace tab, where you can prepare your media asset for your students before adding it to your course collection.

Note: You can always return to My Workspace to add more media assets and perform other tasks in preparation for adding your media assets to your Course Collection. 


Now that you have uploaded your media asset to your My Workspace page, your next step is to add the media asset to your Course Collection.

1. On the My Workspace tab, select the checkbox next to the thumbnail for your media asset. 

2. Click on Add to Course. A dialog box opens for you to select a destination folder in your Course Collection.

3. Select the folder you would like to add the media asset to, and then click Done. 

Note: As you are just getting started with ShareStream and have not set up a directory structure with folders within your Course Collection, you have only one folder for your Course Collection. Later on, you can create folders and subfolders to organize your course media into a folder directory. After you have created a folder directory for your course media, you will be able to send media assets from your My Workspace page to a specific folder in your Course Collection.

4. You will see a confirmation message when the file is added. Click the X to close the popup window.

5. Click on the Course Collection tab, and you will see the media asset you have just added to the Course Collection.  Note: You may see a placeholder thumbnail while the media asset is still processing.

When the media asset has completed processing, you will see it in your Course Collection. Unlike your My Workspace page, which is only viewable by you, the Course Collection page is available to all users with privileges for your course.

You have now completed the basic steps to upload media assets into ShareStream and add your media assets to your course collection.