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ShareStream in Canvas

Current ShareStream features include:

  • ShareStream MediaManager: The familiar interface displaying Sharestream media folders with their audio and video content.
  • ShareStream Uploader: The Uploader allows users to easily batch upload, transcode, and publish media to folders in the ShareStream platform. See how it works on the ShareStream site.
  • ShareStream Pick-n-Play: Pick-n-Play has been updated with a new user interface, as well as new functionality for video interactivity, such as time-based comments and creating personalized lists for media via favorites:
    • Enhanced Features for Collaboration and Interactivity: Pick-n-Play bolsters student engagement by facilitating online discussions regarding course media content. The application’s comments feature, which enables users to post questions and comments and participate in instructor-mediated discussions with fellow users enrolled in a course, has been enhanced to provide users with the capability to add questions and comments at specific points in a media asset’s timeline.
    • Utilizing ShareStream’s commenting feature, which enables users to post questions and comments at specific points in a media asset’s timeline, educators are able to bolster student engagement and lead online discussions regarding instructional and student-generated media content.
    • Students are able to take a more participatory role in the learning process by submitting media content to instructors.
    • Students can demonstrate mastery of a skill or knowledge of a concept by submitting a video assignment to an Instructor for assessment. 
  • ShareStream’s Closed Captioning Service: ShareStream’s closed-captioning service provides a scalable and reliable solution for captioning the rapidly expanding media collections of universities and colleges. The captioning service streamlines and simplifies the workflow for captioning media content and is seamlessly integrated with the ShareStream Video Platform. Users who are granted the required privileges to the service are able to upload, transcode, and generate closed captioning for media files from the ShareStream Uploader. For video and audio content that has been previously ingested into the ShareStream Platform, the captioning service provides authorized users the ability to generate captions directly from Pick-n-Play, ShareStream’s application that powers video-based learning and integrates seamlessly with learning management systems.
  • ShareStream Student Assignments: ShareStream’s features for student-generated content are integrated with the Canvas Assignment and Gradebook features and the Blackboard Learn Assignment and Grade Center features, allowing students to submit video assignments to instructors for assessment.
  • How can I get more help with the Media Service?

    Faculty and students can:

    • Email the Service Center at

    • Visit the online help portal to submit a help ticket, start a chat with a help advisor, or view the extensive online knowledge base.
  • ​ShareStream Course Media Copy Wizard: ShareStream’s Course Media Copy Wizard allows Instructors and administrators to copy media from preexisting Course Folders into new courses that do not yet have any media assets. The Course Media Copy Wizard guides Instructors through copying ShareStream Course Folders from prior courses in Canvas to new courses in Canvas.​