University Network Security Update July 15, 2019

Dear Members of the Georgetown Community, 

In our ongoing efforts to improve Georgetown’s information security posture, UIS will soon implement multiple features adding additional layers of protection against cybersecurity threats.

Starting Monday, July 15, UIS will implement a new tool named Cisco Umbrella on Georgetown’s network. Umbrella will provide an extra layer of protection against phishing emails and malware by blocking only three categories: known malicious phishing links, websites that deliver malware, and Malware Command and Control (C2) domains. Should you encounter a website that is blocked by Umbrella, you will see a version of the following page:

Cisco Umbrella block site message

If you believe you received this page in error, the “Report an Incorrect Block” link will put you in contact with the security team to review the request. 

UIS has piloted this effort over the past few months with its team and are committed to providing an open and accessible network experience while providing the necessary security measures to adapt to growing cybersecurity threats. 

Given our extremely mobile workforce, UIS will also deploy Umbrella Roaming Clients to all staff workstations in conjunction with the Umbrella rollout. This will provide the same protection when staff members are not on campus. Employees receiving the client may see the following icons on their workstations:

Cisco Umbrella protection message

The installation of the client will provide the same protection to users off campus and should have no impact on performance or require any additional steps. 

If you have any questions about this,  please reach out to the UIS Service Desk or

Judd Nicholson
Vice President for Information Technology
and Chief Information Officer