Installing AnyConnect (Android)

  1. Open the Android Play Store.
    Tap Google Play Store icon to open AnyConnect VPN
  2. In the search text box, enter anyconnect, and then tap on “anyconnect cisco” or “anyconnect” from the search results.
    Search for AnyConnect, select 'anyconnect cisco' from search results
  3. In the listing for Cisco AnyConnect, tap Install.
    Tap 'Install'
  4. Tap Open (displayed when the installation has completed).
    Tap 'Open' after AnyConnect is installed
  5. Tap OK to accept the license agreement.
    Tap 'OK' to accept the license agreement
  6. Tap OK in the next screen.
    Tap 'OK'
  7. In the pop-up window, tap Allow.
    Tap 'Allow'
  8. In the next screen, tap Connections.
    Tap 'Connections'
  9. In the next screen, tap Add New VPN Connection.
    Tap 'Add New VPN Connection'
  10. In the “Connection Editor” screen, perform the following:
    1. Enter a Description (optional), and then tap OK. (In the example below, “Georgetown VPN” is entered as the description.)
    2. Enter the Server Address (tap Server Address, enter, and then tap OK.)
    3. Tap Done.
      Tap 'Done'

      You should see your VPN listing displayed, as shown below.
      New VPN connection displayed
  11. Tap on the VPN listing you just set up.
  12. In the next screen, tap the slider.
  13. In the pop-up window, perform the following:
    1. Tap the triangle to the right of Group, and then select Duo-two-factor from the drop-down list.
    2. Tap on the Username field to display the keyboard, and then enter your NetID in the Username field. (Note: In the example below, “jh123” is entered as the NetID.)
    3. Enter your password in the Password field.
    4. Enter push in the Second Password field.
    5. Tap Done (located on your device’s keyboard), and tap Connect. (IMPORTANT: Make sure you have your mobile device with you so you can approve the authentication notification.)
      Enter NetID, password, 'push' for second password, then click 'Connect'
    6. In the next screen, tap OK.
      Tap 'OK'

      You should see the following screen indicating that you’re now connected to the VPN.
      Confirmation of VPN connection established