For Students

Georgetown's Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform offers the following key benefits to current students who enroll their iOS and Android phones and tablets:

  • Locate, lock, and/or wipe a lost/stolen device - complimenting services like Find My iPhone, if you ever become separated from your device, UIS can help to safeguard your data and hopefully recover your device.  You can also take these actions yourself via our convenient self-service portal.
  • Ensure you have the best apps for navigating life at Georgetown - Once enrolled, you will have access to the GU App Store, a repository for various mobile apps that we recommend for use while at Georgetown.  We're continually expanding the selection.
  • Secure your data - Once you enroll, if you don't currently have a device passcode set, we will ask that you create one.  We also help you keep your device protected from the latest security threats by sending you alerts when a critical update is available.

Your privacy is one of our top concerns.  We do not collect any information about the following: calls, texts, contacts, emails, photos, videos, music, books, or any data contained within apps.  Your device's location is available to us only when you report your device lost or stolen.

Getting Started

To get started, enroll your device(s) today!  Also, check out our FAQ for additional information.