Logging in to GU Applications with Duo Using a Bypass Code

If you have forgotten your phone (or if you prefer not receiving notifications on your phone), you can use a bypass code to log in to Georgetown services; having your iPhone or Android phone is not required.

Below are the options for logging in using a bypass code. 

Note: This option is available only for Georgetown Web sites (e.g., Google Apps, GU360, GMS) that use the Georgetown standard login screen.

To log in to GU services that use the standard GU login screen, perform the following: 

  1. Open the application that you want to log in to. 
  2. At the login prompt, enter your NetID and NetID password, and then click Sign in. (Note: The login prompt may vary depending on the application.)
    GMS login page
  3. On the Duo screen, select the option Enter a Passcode. (Note The Remember me for 7 days feature has been disabled for “Extensive Data Access” users.)
    Click 'Enter a Passcode'
  4. In the next Duo screen, enter the last nine digits of your GOCard’s 16-digit CARD number, located on the back of your GOCard. (Note You can use the last nine digits of this number as a perpetual Duo bypass code.) Click Log In
    Enter your passcode and then click 'Log In'
Entering a Bypass Code For a ‘Legacy’ Web Site

Sometimes you may not see the Duo screen on your computer when you log in to Web sites that use an older form of login screen (MyAccess, for example). In these situations, you can enter a bypass code in the password field to simplify the login process.

To log in with Duo to GU Web sites that use an older login screen, perform the following: 

  1. Go to the application (e.g., GU Event/Space Request System) login page. 
  2. At the login prompt, enter your NetID.  
  3. In the password field, enter your NetID password followed by a comma, and then your GOCard number. (For example, if your password is Giraffe1789 and the last nine digits of your CARD number are 555123456, you would enter Giraffe1789,555123456 in the password field, as shown in the following screen.)  Note The CARD number is not the same as the UID number printed on your GOCard, so be certain you are using the correct last nine digits.