Faculty and Staff Hardware, Software and Peripherals: Restricted Items

Computer Workstations and Laptops

The University offers standard computer workstation and laptops that can be purchased directly with your Procard. Standards include Dell and Apple laptop and workstations for University services, Main Campus, and the Medical Center (see Minimum Standards).

The Business School offers a Lenovo standard.

Computer workstations and laptops outside the University standard recommendations should not be purchased directly on the PROCard. Main campus faculty and staff members who are full time and not grant funded are on a campus-funded 3 year replacement cycle for their primary workstation. Click here for information on the Main Campus Replacement Cycle.

Exception process: what if I need something else?

If you require an exception please contact the Service Center for assistance by going to help.georgetown.edu.

Exceptions are often required for machines intended for use with more data intensive software applications, some media applications, and research purposes. Consultation is designed to ensure that the workstation is compatible with the systems and services that you need and includes all the components that you require. For multiple or higher priced workstations and laptops, we can sometimes negotiate a deeper discount with Dell or Apple on your behalf.

Law School and Business School may contact their local technology centers directly for exceptions.


You may purchase software packages directly on your PROCard, but as with all software purchases, you are responsible for retaining a copy of the license agreement. You should always check the list of University-licensed software packages available at the UIS online software webstore to ensure that you are not purchasing something that has already been funded by the University or made available at a special educational volume discount.

The University offers a preferred relationship with CDW-G for online purchases at competitive prices.


You may purchase computer peripherals and supplies that cost less than $500 directly with your Procard. For items that cost more than $500 you must go through the regular purchase order process. We encourage you to contact the Service Center (help.georgetown.edu) if you have any questions or concerns regarding the compatibility and interoperability of the devices that you need.