High Performance Computing

UIS is transitioning high-perfromance computing services from our local data center to virtual servers hosted in Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform.  These servers involve a complex charge model based on usage rather than our previous storage and memory based model.

Please contact one of the UIS Account Managers at sm-cram@georgetown.edu to request a consultation and discussion of hosting capabilities within Amazon Web Services.


High Performance Compute Cluster: Medusa is a High Performance Computing (HPC) Cluster for researchers at Georgetown University. All faculty, staff, and collaborators are eligible for access to Medusa as Principal Investigators of research projects, please refer to hpc.georgetown.edu for additional info about HPC Medusa. 

Established Medusa (HPC) costs:

  1.  Initial Allocation Fee: Per Principal Investigator - $100 per fiscal year
  2. Initial Service Units per Principal Investigator - 100,000 SUs per fiscal year
  3. Over 100,000 Service Units - $22 per 10,000 SUs.

For an account please  contact the Account Management team

Current Cluster Status Report