Purchasing Software from the Georgetown Webstore

  1. Go to the Georgetown University Software Webstore at https://georgetown.onthehub.com/.
  2. Click on the link Click Here to Enter Software Webstore located on the middle of the page.
  3. At the prompt, log in with your NetID and password and then click Sign In (you’ll need to log in to make a purchase). (NoteIf you use Duo to authenticate, make sure you have your mobile device with you in order to approve the authentication.)
    GU login prompt

  4. If prompted, select your campus from the drop-down list, and then click Save.
  5. Find the software you want to purchase by clicking on any of the available tabs, or entering the software name in the Product Search text area.

    Note: The majority of free/discounted software specific to Georgetown can be found on the Georgetown Featured tab. If you’re not sure what software to get, and to ensure you’re purchasing the correct edition of a software product, contact your Account Manager or the Service Center (help.georgetown.edu).

  6. Click on the software icon to display its details page. (In the example below, JMP Pro 12 is selected.)

  7. On the software details page, verify that your affiliation (student, faculty, or staff) appears in the Available to: field. (You need to have the correct affiliation to purchase the desired software.)  Note If you have more than one affiliation with the university, the webstore will offer software to you for each role (affiliation) you have. Affiliates are not entitled to any software provided under license to Georgetown University.

  8. Click on the software title link. 
  9. On the next page, verify that your computer meets the system requirements of the software by clicking on the System Requirements tab.

  10. Click on Add To Cart.
  11. If you’re ordering the software for someone else, select the option I am placing this order on behalf of, and then enter the person’s Georgetown e-mail address in the accompanying text box. (They will be sent a confirmation e-mail after you complete the order.) Otherwise, make sure the option I am placing this order for myself is selected. 
  12. You might see displayed a recommendation to purchase “Extended Access Guarantee”. If you want to get this protection, click Add To Cart (or Get it Now). Extended Download Protection allows you to return to the Webstore and download the software again for that period of time.
    If you save the installation files you download after you place an order, you can use those files to reinstall your software at any time. It is recommended that you save the installers to an external hard drive or cloud storage for safekeeping.
  13. Click Check Out when you’re ready to place your order. If you still want to shop, click Continue Shopping. If you decide you no longer want a particular software item, click Remove next to that item.

    Note:  If you receive a message that you’re not eligible to purchase the software, you’ll either need to cancel your order or have someone who is eligible place the order for you.

  14. If an End User License Agreement page is displayed, click I Accept (located at the bottom of the page). 

  15. Go through the order process. (Note:  You may only need to fill out the Order Information section if you’re only ordering free software.)
    1. In the Billing Address section, verify that your name, e-mail, and billing address are correct. Click on the Change button if you need to edit this information.
    2. Verify the information in each field of the Order Information section (if these fields are already filled in).
    3. Complete the Payment Options section if applicable.
    4. Click Next when you’re done. Or if you’re only ordering free software and you see a page similar to the one shown below, click Proceed With Order.
  16. On the next page, you might be prompted to update your profile. Complete the questions, and then click Next
  17. In the Confirmation page, make sure your information is correct. When you’re ready to go ahead with your order, click Proceed With Order.

    If your order is placed successfully, you will see a confirmation page with the receipt, the details of your order, and a Download Now button to download your software (if you want to download it now). You will also receive a confirmation e-mail with details and a Download Now button. You can also click Your Account/Orders to view your current order (as well as any past orders).