Public Printing Options

Georgetown offers many options for printing on campus. We offer multifunction public (Pharos) printers at various locations on campus to meet your printing needs—whether you’re printing a color document or monochrome. The GU public printers also use recycled paper, with duplex (double-sided) printing set as the default.

The following public printing options are available: 

Pharos Print Center

The Pharos Print Center Web portal enables you to upload your document directly from your computer to the Pharos print queue, and then release the document at any Pharos print station. You log in to the Pharos Print Center with your NetID and NetID password. 

Note You must be connected to SaxaNet to log in to and use the Pharos Print Center.

With the Pharos Print Center, you can view (and preview) all the documents in your print queue, as well as modify document print options (color or monochrome, single- or double-sided, number of pages per sheet, and number of copies).

Pharos Print Center Logo

Printing From Your Mobile Device

You can send documents to the print queue using your iOS or Android device. With mobile printing, you won’t need to install any print drivers. Click here for details on out how you can print to a public printer using your mobile device

Printing From Your Computer

You can print a document from your Windows or Mac computer to a public printer by installing the appropriate print driver. Click here for more information on how to print from your computer.