Creating a PaperCut Account

Before you can print, you’ll need to create a PaperCut account. You can create an account by simply logging in to the PaperCut Web portal. (IMPORTANTYou must be on campus when you log in to the portal.)

While you’re logged in to the portal, make sure to also create a PIN, which you’ll need to release your print jobs.

After logging in to the portal, your PaperCut account is created automatically. (NoteIf you’re using a Mac computer, make sure to check the box next to the option Remember this password in my keychain the first time you log in. If you select this option to save your password to your Mac computer’s keychain [password storage utility], you will no longer be prompted to authenticate every time you want to print documents.)

Once you create a PaperCut account, you can then install the PaperCut print client on your device.