Printing FAQ


What is H.Print?
H.print is Georgetown’s updated print service that includes replacing old printers with new printers that have modern print capabilities, such as secure print and mobile print. H.print is also environmentally friendly, and is under one contract for all of Georgetown, providing significant savings to the University.

H.Print Services

  1. Replacement of Old Printers.  Old printers will be replaced with newer, faster, and more reliable printer models. 
  2. Installation of Shared Department Printers.  Xerox will provide Georgetown with centrally-located multifunction printers equipped with the latest technology. And if a printer is temporarily unavailable, you can send your print job to another printer with the same capabilities. 
  3. Improved Printer Maintenance and Supply Delivery.  Xerox will proactively monitor printers, and send service alerts directly to the Xerox Help Desk. In addition, Xerox will monitor and deliver consumables (e.g., toner cartridges) before they run out to ensure supplies are always available. (Note:  Departments are still responsible for paper.)  Desktop printers will be addressed in future phases of h.print. 
  4. Increased Eco-Friendly Printing.  Xerox eco-friendly printers use less power, have lower emissions, require less space, and use fewer supplies (paper and toner).
  5. Improved Security.  All new printer devices have an optional “secure print” capability to manage printing of confidential information, improving Georgetown’s information security. In addition, with Image Overwrite, confidential data is kept safe by electronically “shredding” information stored on a printer’s hard disk.

Am I getting a new printer?
You will receive a new printer when the lease on your current printer has expired. (During the printer review process, we will inform you when your lease is due to expire.)

Why is my current printer being replaced?
Your current printer is being replaced because the lease on that computer has expired, so Xerox will provide you with a printer on a new lease.

How do I configure my new printer on my computer?
Click here for instructions on how to configure your new printer on a Mac computer. Click here for instructions on how to configure your new printer on a Windows computer.

How do I print to a lab printer from my personal computer? 
Click here for instructions on how to set up your computer to print to a lab printer

How do I print to a lab printer from a lab computer?
Click here for instructions on how to print to a lab printer

Can I scan my document?
Yes, you can scan your document to your e-mail account. There is also no cost to scan. Click here for a list of printers with scanning capability.

Can I print documents in color?
Yes. Click here for a list of printers with color capability.


Where can I print my document?
Students can print their documents to any of the following:

Note: If you print a document from your mobile device, you won’t need to add a printer to the device. A list of the printers closest to your current location on campus will be displayed on your device automatically; you can then choose the printer to which you want to send your document.

Do I have to add a printer to each of my devices?
You need to add a printer to each desktop and laptop computer you’ll use to print a document. However, you won’t need to add a printer to your mobile device.

How much does it cost to print?
Click here for current student pricing rates.

How can I add money to my GOCard?
To add value to your GOCard Debit Dollars account, you may either use a credit or debit card online, or you can visit a GOCard Deposit Station. (Please note that you’ll need to have money on your GOCard in order to print.)


When will my department printer(s) be replaced?
Your Account Manager will contact you when the current lease on each printer in your department expires, at which time your printer will be eligible for replacement.

Why are only Xerox printers available?
Georgetown has contracted with Xerox for managed print services, which include the printers, toner, supplies, and service calls.

Am I allowed to purchase my own printer?
No, but you can request an exception. Any printer purchases must be approved by your campus Finance Office.

Are non-Xerox printers supported by Xerox?
Yes, some non-Xerox printers are supported, but we are not adding any new printers to that program.

What are the costs for printing in my department?
Departments are only charged for what they use. So you’re only charged for the pages you print. Since it’s not necessary to lease or purchase a printer (Xerox absorbs the cost of the printer), departments do not incur lease charges.

Printing rates are as follows:  monochrome [black and white], .023 cents per impression and .046 cents per page; color, .060 per impression.

What printer supplies are free and what do we have to pay for?
Printer toner and cartridges are free, but departments will need to pay for replacement paper and staples.

What is the process for requesting a new or replacement printer?

If a department wants to request a new printer, or an upgrade to an existing printer, the process is as follows:

  1. The department will need to contact their Account Manager with the details of their request.
  2. The department’s Account Manager will submit the request to Xerox.
  3. Xerox will visit the department to conduct a usage evaluation (determine whether the department should get a new or replacement printer based on that department’s printing volume).
  4. Xerox will notify the Account Manager once they have made a decision on the department’s request.
  5. If Xerox turns down the department’s request, that department can still obtain the printer, but will need to incur a monthly charge, called an “uplift charge”, for that printer. (Note The uplift charge must first be approved by the department’s campus Business Officer.)


Can I print a document containing sensitive data?
Yes. All new Xerox printers come with secure printing capability.  Click here for instructions on how to print securely to your department printer.


I’m a visitor to Georgetown; how can I print my document on campus?
You’ll first need to obtain a Georgetown temporary debit card (GOCard) at one of the GOCard Deposit Stations on campus. You then use the temporary debit card at one of the public printers on campus to print your document.

Note: When prompted at the printer to enter your NetID, enter the last 5 digits of the number on your card.

Troubleshooting/Getting Help

Who do I contact for help if my printer is not working?
Contact the Georgetown University Service Center by going to Your problem/issue will be routed directly to Xerox technicians.

I received one of the following error messages: “No suitable printer available”; “No printer matches all job attributes”
The messages mean that your print job cannot be printed at the selected printer. If you want to print a document in color, you *must* print that document at a color-capable printer.

I received one of the following error messages: “Unsupported card”; “System Could Not Log You On”
The messages could mean that your GOCard magnetic stripe is worn and not functioning properly. Visually inspect the stripe on your GOCard to see if the magnetic stripe is worn; if necessary, try swiping your GOCard again at another printer to verify this. If you’re still getting either of the above error messages, bring your GOCard to the GOCard Office (Leavey Center bookstore) for a free replacement card.

I received the error message “Insufficient Funds”
This message means that you don’t have enough money on your GOCard to print your document. You can add money to your GOCard by either going to or visiting one of the GOCard Value Transfer Stations.

How can I get a refund on a print job?
If you have misprinted pages, just bring them to the GOCard Office in the Leavey Center bookstore for a refund (the GOCard Office issues refunds up to $5).

If your GOCard was debited but your document did not print, you can either contact the Georgetown University Service Center at or visit the UIS walk-up Service Desks located in the Leavey Center bookstore and Lauinger Library, 3rd floor.