Photo Editing

Images add context and enhance the appearance of webpages. In order for photographs to be effective and visually appealing, follow Web Services’ photo dimension recommendations. When uploading photos make sure they are the right size for your content. 

You can use Photoshop, Preview on a Mac, Paint on a Windows computer, or one of the recommended tools here to edit and resize images. There are a variety of easy to use (and free!) applications online.

After creating a free account, Footer gives you access to photo editing tools. To resize an image use the “edit” feature.

Screen shot of Footer main page

Next, add a photo using the open module. You can upload photos from your computer, the cloud, a dropbox, or Facebook.

Screen shot demonstrating where to upload a photo into Footer

Once you have selected a photo, use the crop tool. Either manually input the desired image dimensions or use the resizing bars to crop your photo.

Screen shot demonstrating how to crop a photo into Footer