New Integrated Gmail Coming Soon

In the coming weeks, Google will release a new integrated Gmail experience. The new Gmail puts email, chat (Google Chat), video collaboration (Google Meet), tasks and document collaboration into a single workspace. Initially, integrated Gmail will be released on the web version of Gmail ( (new window)) and the official Android & iOS Gmail apps.

The concept of “Rooms,” originally in Google Chat, is expanding to cover other services in the new Gmail. Rooms are a group or team of collaborators. Members of a Room will be able to chat, collaborate on documents, assign tasks to each other and launch a team video call. For more details, including settings that need to be on in order to receive the new integrated Gmail.

Gmail has email, chat, and meetings—all your online communication streams—in one familiar place. It’s a more helpful home for work, where messages, tasks, and teams come together. Here are the top 10 things to know about the integrated Gmail experience:

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