Mojave Compatibility Chart

The latest version of Apple's operating system for Mac computers, Mojave, was released in September 2018. Click here to find out more about Mojave.


As of October 2018, UIS is not yet officially supporting Mojave. We are currently testing it to ensure that it works within the Georgetown computing environment and that it’s compatible with all commonly used university applications and Georgetown technology services. 

Once UIS has completed testing Mojave, and is ready to support it, we’ll be able to assist you with preparation, installation, and training.

We'll notify you when we are set to officially support it.


Before you upgrade to Mojave, please note that UIS is not officially supporting Mojave at this time, and that some of your applications might not work satisfactorily with Mojave---this should be fixed in a subsequent release of those applications. If you decide to upgrade, you may want to first check out the Mojave Compatibility Chart below to make sure the GU programs and services, and any other programs you use regularly, are compatible with Mojave.

If you want to upgrade a university-owned Mac computer to Mojave as an early adopter, you will first need to complete the *** Mojave Upgrade Request Form ***. This form outlines the risks with upgrading to Mojave in advance of UIS's support.

Unless you have a business need to do so, we recommend waiting to upgrade for now---at least until the first software update, or patch, for Mojave is released.  

Mojave Compatibility Chart

The following table shows the current results of our compatibility review of Mojave and Georgetown University services. 

Important UIS is still testing Georgetown services, so the results shown in this chart might change. Check back regularly for the latest results.

NoteIf the version number of an application is not listed, UIS recommends you run the latest version of that application.

Technology Services Compatible With
Adobe Acrobat Reader DC       Yes  
Blackboard       Yes  
Box       Yes  
Canvas       Yes  
Chem Draw Professional 16       Yes  
Eventspace (EMS)       Yes  
Firefox       Yes  
Fusion 10         
GMS       Yes  
Google Backup and Sync         
Google Apps       Yes  
Google Chrome       Yes


GoToAssist Customer       Yes


GU360       Yes  
JMP 14       Yes  
Keynote       Yes  
Mathematica 11       Yes


Matlab 2018B       Yes  
Microsoft Office 2016       Yes  
Minitab Express       Yes  
MyAccess       Yes  
Numbers       Yes  
Pages       Yes  
Safari       Yes  
SaxaNet       Yes  
Skype       Yes  
SPSS 25       Yes  
Stata 15       Yes  
Symantec Endpoint
Protection 14

There is currently an issue with Live Update not working. The next release of SEP should resolve this issue.

VLC       Yes  
VMWare Fusion       Yes  
VMWare Horizon Client       Yes  
VPN (Cisco AnyConnect)       Yes  
Zoom       Yes  


If you have any questions, contact the Service Center at 202-687-4949 or 

To learn more about Windows 10, visit Apple's Mojave Web site.