Verizon Wireless Services

    Travel Assistance 

    If you need technical assistance while traveling, you can call the Verizon Global Services Technical Support Team:

    • Inside the United States:  (800) 922-0204
    • Outside the United States:  Dial the exit code for the country you are in and then dial (908) 559-4899. 

    For additional help, refer to the Global Data FAQ


    Transferring Mobile Service Between Accounts

    Click here for instructions on how to transfer a Verizon mobile device between a personal liability and Georgetown business liability accounts. 

    Use the Verizon Assumption of Liability Form to complete this transfer. 





    Georgetown Verizon Major Account Manager:  Lynn Introcaso (
    Business Development Manager, Verizon Connections:  Michelle Flowers (
    Verizon Business Support Center Web Site:
    State & Local WSCA Accounts: