FAQ (Mobile Printing)

What is mobile printing?

Mobile printing enables you to submit documents remotely to the Pharos print queue, and then release your documents to any Pharos print station on campus.

The following mobile print options are available:

You must be connected to SaxaNet to use mobile printing.

What do I need to do to print on my mobile device?

You must first activate your Pharos account by swiping your GOCard at any Pharos print station. You will only need to activate your account once. You also need to be connected to SaxaNet.

What is the Pharos Print Center?

The Pharos Print Center is a Web-based portal that enables you to submit and manage print jobs to the Pharos print queue.

With the Print Center, you can:

  • Upload documents to the print queue
  • View document(s) in your print queue
  • Modify the print attributes of your submitted documents (color or monochrome, single- or double-sided, number of pages per sheet, and number of copies).

You can access the Print Center by going to the Print Center login page. You log in the Pharos Print Center with your NetID and password. Using the Print Center requires a Windows 7 or Windows 10 computer, or a Mac computer with Mac OS X 10.10 or higher.

You need to be on SaxaNet to access the Print Center.

Do I need to install any print drivers to use mobile printing?

No print drivers are required; once you submit a print job to the Pharos print queue, you can release the document to any Pharos print station.

How do I use mobile email printing?

Just email your document from your mobile device using the email address mobileprint @ georgetown.edu. (Note You can also use email printing from your computer.)

I emailed my document(s) to the queue, but received an email with the subject “Please complete your registration”.  

If you received an email with this subject line, this means that your document(s) were not successfully submitted to the print queue. The reason for this is that you might not have first activated your account by swiping your GOCard at any Pharos print station before you emailed your document(s). Once you activate your account, you can resubmit your document(s) by resending them to the “mobileprint” email address.

Note:  You’ll also need to be connected to SaxaNet when you email your document(s).

How do I install the Pharos Print app?

Click here to find out how to how to install the Pharos Print mobile app

Once I submit my document for print, how long will it stay in the queue? Do I need to print it right away?

Documents will remain in the print queue ready for you to print for up to 2 hours. For security reasons, you can only use your GOCard to release a document.