Mediasite & Canvas

To use the Mediasite tool in your Canvas course site please follow the instructions below:

Access your course site in Canvas and click on Pages in the left side course menu.

Click on + Page.

Enter a name for the new page (e.g. Mediasite Videos or any Mediasite Video Title).

Click on Mediasite icon in the editor. A pop-up window will display two buttons:  Presentation and Catalog. 

Click on Presentation OR Catalog. 

Press the Return or Enter key on your keyboard (you do not have to type a keyword) to search for media available to you. The media will be displayed in the pop-up window.

Click on the Embed button and select Abstract Only (it is NOT advised to embed the Mediasite player on the page). The selected media will be displayed on the Canvas page.

Click on the Save & Publish button to save and publish the selected video (or catalog) OR click on the Save button to just save the video.

The published Mediasite item will be displayed on your Canvas page.