Virtual Servers (Managed Hosting)


UIS offers application managed hosting services for your applications.

Managed servers are hosted in UIS's state-of-the-art producation data center facility, and managed solely by UIS staff. These servers can be physical or virtual servers and can run Sun Solaris, Red Hat Enterprise Linux or Windows Server operating systems.

Application Hosting provides easy, secure, and reliable access to your applications and data from anywhere at any time.

Services Provided

  • Define and document application requirements and get user approval.
  • Work with users to select solution(s) that will meet users' requirements.
  • Implement the solution selected by working with various departments with Georgetown and UIS.
  • Provide a life cycle management strategy and ensure that the application is kept up to date.

Requesting Virtual Servers

To sign up for the service, just complete the UIS Managed Services Questionnaire and send it to Once we receive your completed questionnaire, UIS will set up a consultation with you to develop the virtual server solution to fit your needs and requirements.

Virtual Server Hosting Monthly Rates (Through Current Fiscal Year)

Services Annual Fee Monthly Rate

Managed Physical Hosting - 
Windows Servers



Managed Physical Hosting - 
Solaris/Redhat Linux Servers



Managed Virtual Hosting - (WIN/Solaris/Redhat/Linux)

$0 (Windows)
$0 (Linux)


Fixed Rate Per Account Plus Cost Per GB
Cost Per GB



Click here for a listing of prices for other UIS managed services, which includes any one-time setup fees.

For More Information

If you have any questions about the Virtual Server hosting service, please write to and your Account Manager will reach out to you for assistance.