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UIS offers file sharing and storage services for all Georgetown faculty, administrators, researchers, and staff. Through these file sharing services, UIS hosts your administrative or academic data in a safe, centrally-managed environment, and each computer on your network can access and share all the data on your group's shared space. Review your data classifications to determine the best solution.  

Your data is protected in a secured environment at UIS's off-campus production data center against data loss due to hardware theft and from hardware and software failures. UIS provides multiple daily incremental backups and daily full backups that you can access at any time. The data servers are monitored by UIS administrators 24 x 7 x 365.

UIS provides safe and secure networked storage space for faculty, administrators, researchers, and staff. At UIS's production data centers, UIS hosts high-capacity, networked storage systems, which provide local data protection, scalability, system monitoring, and remote data mirroring for disaster recovery. All server or virtual server write and read operations communicate with a high-performance, cache-based, storage array rather than just writing to and reading from a basic hard disk infrastructure.

Enterprise Storage also provides multiple options for creating local and remote copies of data to further refine RPO and RTO requirements for enterprise applications. Regular local snapshots can be provided on the backend storage array for any created volume. These snapshots can be creaed on a regular basis for accidental file deletion or corruption, or used as an added feature to provide a rollback copy in the case of a system upgrade or patch.


Enterprise File Sharing

UIS offers two file sharing services: Standard Enterprise File Sharing and Windows File Share Hosting.


Standard Enterprise File Sharing

Standard Enterprise File Sharing (S-EFS), also referred to as Phoenix) offers simplified management, data protection, and a secure environment that protects you against data theft and data loss due to hardware or software failures.

UIS recommends this option if you require a fully-managed resource and do not have large space requirements.

The Enterprise File Sharing service includes the following:

  • Hourly incremental snapshots (7am - 8pm). Snapshots are retained for 24 hours. (Users can access these snapshots.)
  • Daily snapshots taken at midnight and kept for 30 days. (Users can access these snapshots.)
  • Remote data protection via mirroring to the standby system in UIS's Virginia Data Center (VDC) or backup to the disk-based backup appliance.   

Important: There is a separate cost for offsite backups. 

  • Fully-managed service, including user and quota management


Enhanced Enterprise File Sharing

Enhanced File Sharing (E-EFS) service is recommended if you have your own IT administrator and wish to administer your own space, as well as if you need much larger server space.

Enhanced File Sharing also offers you multiple data protection strategies, and leverages the same hardware and software technologies as Standard Enterprise File Sharing.

Enhanced File Sharing includes the following:

  • Customizable hourly, daily, and weekly online snapshot schedule
  • Customizable remote data protection
  • Customer user and quota management available upon request

Requesting the Enterprise File Sharing Service

To request EFS service as stand-alone service, please complete the EFS Request Form. To sign up for the service as part of a larger project, complete the UIS Managed Services Questionnaire. Once we receive your completed questionnaire, UIS will set up a consultation with you to develop the right enterprise file sharing solution to fit your needs and requirements.

Enterprise File Sharing Monthly Rates (Through Current Fiscal Year)

Standard EFS (per GB) $.38
Enhanced File Sharing w/ Replication (per GB) $.02
Enhanced File Sharing w/o Replication (per GB) $.01

*Click here for a listing of prices for other UIS managed services, which includes any one-time setup fees.


For IT Administrators

If you are, or will be, the administrator for your department's or group's enterprise storage space, please click here for the Windows Remote Server Administration Tool.


Getting Help

If you have any questions about the Enterprise File Sharing Services, please write to uisservicecenter@georgetown.edu and your Account Manager will reach out to you for assistance.