SafeConnect VPN FAQ

What is Georgetown SafeConnect?

Georgetown SafeConnect is a VPN (Virtual Private Network). A VPN provides computer users with a secure way to connect to private networks from a remote location (i.e., home office, hotel). At Georgetown, a VPN is integral for employees who wish to telecommute and who require access to the university network.

Who is eligible for VPN access?

Faculty and staff are eligible to access the VPN. 

Are students eligible for VPN access?

No, students are not eligible for VPN access. The only time students can have access to the Georgetown VPN is if they are required to access a specific server in the university's data center.  This exception must be requested by the staff or faculty member that is managing the server on behalf of the student.  General VPN access (to acquire a Georgetown IP address) for students is not available even by exception.

How do I get access to the VPN?

Access to the VPN is controlled by Georgetown's University Information Security Office (UISO), although all current faculty and staff should automatically have access to the VPN.

How do I install the Georgetown SafeConnect Client?

Instructions for installing Georgetown SafeConnect for Windows computers and for installing Georgetown SafeConnect for Mac computers are available on the UIS Web site.

What can I do if I experience network connectivity problems with other applications when I either connect to or disconnect from Georgetown SafeConnect?

Try restarting any application with which you're experiencing problems.

How do I disable access to Georgetown SafeConnect in advance of my separation from the university?

You don't need to do anything to disable access to Georgetown SafeConnect if you're leaving Georgetown. UIS removes all access privileges after Human Resources closes your employment in the HR system.

If you are moving to a new role within the university where you no longer require Georgetown SafeConnect access, you should contact your current manager. Your manager should contact the Service Center at to find out how to disable your access rights.

Who do I contact if I have questions or feedback on Georgetown SafeConnect?

All questions or concerns regarding Georgetown SafeConnect should be directed to the Service Center by going to