How this displays on other pages

A guide on how to add sites to a tag based list

1. To create content that will appear under the Tag Based List, select Add Content > Web Page.

2. Create the page as you would normally, with a title and any other desired content.

3. On the left side, select How this Displays on Other Pages.   

4. A short title and teaser can be included, but is not required. The Display Date automatically fills with today’s date, and the date will also appear on the Tag Based List automatically. The date can be changed, or if you don’t want a date to appear, delete everything in that box. 

5. On the left side, select Other Information.

6. Under Type, be sure to select the same Type you used when you created your Tag Based List in step 4, otherwise this content will not appear on the List Page. The example used in step 2 was “News Story.” If you selected a Topic in step 5, be sure to select the same topic as well. If you would like to select multiple topics, you can do so by holding the control/command key (for Windows/Mac, respectively) while clicking multiple options.

7. Publish the page and save. If you view the published version of your Tag Based List, the content should appear.