Proposal Application Submission System (GU-PASS)

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The Main Campus, Medical Center, Law Center and University Information Services are working collaboratively to create the new Proposal Application Submission System (GU-PASS), an online application for creating external and internal grant proposals, Conflict of Interest statement submission/tracking,  Clinical Trials Contracts tracking and Sabbatical requests

The goals for this new system are to provide:

  • A better user experience for our faculty and staff
  • A Holistic data architecture that can integrate with other applications to support University wide reporting
  • An Improvement in the support of research administration business processes

This new online system will modernize, streamline, and replace the current suite of applications known as:

  • TRACS (external grant proposal processing)
  • PACTS (Clinical Trials Contract action tracking)
  • COI (Conflict of Interest Statement submission/tracking)
  • Internal funding proposals
  • Sabbatical requests

We are working to roll-out the new GU-PASS modules from mid-April to July, 2016, beginning with the Conflict of Interest, Sabbaticals and Internal Grant Proposals, followed by Clinical Trial Contracts and External Grants. 

A University-wide Steering Committee and multiple working groups from all campuses are now engaged in the design and testing of the new GU-PASS resource. 

For additional information or to provide feedback, please e-mail

GU-PASS is Coming Soon!