Google Sites

Google sites is a simple to use system that can be a good fit for the following kinds of web sites:

  • Internally-focused web content
  • NetID-restricted content
  • Faculty or student web sites

There are currently two versions of google sites: classic sites and new sites. The new site version was created to make it easier to edit and manage your website. However, the new sites do not currently have features such as commenting to pages, changing a site URL, or setting page-level or group permissions, which are available for classic sites. See the Google Support Classic vs. New Sites to learn more about the differences. 

Google Sites has a number of themes and templates to choose from, and also offers a fair degree of flexibility within them. We have created a shared Google Sites template to closely resemble the look of the GU Drupal template (covered below), but you are welcome to explore different options within your template should you choose to build your website here (though you should always attempt to adhere to the Visual Identity guidelines).

Classic Google Sites Documentation

New Google Sites 

For more Classic and New Google sites documentation see