Embedding a Google Form

Forms are tools that help you plan events, send a survey, give students a quiz, or collect other information in an easy, streamlined way.  The recommended platform for this is Google Forms, which can be accessed from your Georgetown University inbox.  For general information on Google Forms, you can see their documentation pages at the URL below —


The following is geared towards creating and using a Google Form in your own site.  In order do this, there are three steps you must take:

Creating a form from your Drive

1. Access your Google Drive by clicking this link or by clicking the “Drive” option in your Georgetown Inbox.

2.  Click the red “Create” button, then click “Form”.

3. In the form template that opens, you can add any questions you’d like. You can also organize your form by adding headers and dividing your form into several pages. Learn more about editing your form here.

Embedding your Form

1. On the Google Form, click the “File” pull-down menu, then click “Embed” 

2. Choose a size for your form, then copy the HTML. It should look something like this:

iframe src tag with link to google doc form in quotes

3. Access Fatwire or Dupal, and select the page where you want to embed your form.

4. When you have selected the page you would like to embed the form in, click the “Edit” button. 

5. Find which section of the page you’d like for the form to appear in (e.g. Body Content, Left Callout, Right Callout), and enter the “Source” mode of that section by clicking the button in the editor.  Paste the code into the source. Depending on where you pasted the HTML code, the Google Form will appear in different places. 

6. Save your updates.

Setting Notifications for Completed Surveys

1. Return to the Google Form you were working on. Click the “Responses” pull-down menu, then click “Choose Response Destination

2. A pop-up window should appear. Select “New Spread Sheet“, then click “Create“. It will take a few seconds for the new spreadsheet to be created.

3. Once the spreadsheet has been created, click “View Responses”. You will then be directed to a spreadsheet showing all response results.

4. On this spreadsheet, click the “Tools” pull-down menu, then select “Notification Rules

5. In the pop-up window, check the “Any changes are made” box, and the “Email  right away” box, and select save. You will now instantly receive updates any time a survey is filled.  To view these responses, you will be need to access your Drive again and view the data in the Responses Spreadsheet.