Google Inbox

Inbox is Google's alternative user interface for Gmail that provides new ways for you to organize and manage your email, both on your computer and your mobile devices. Inbox by Gmail for Georgetown is available to all current Georgetown students, faculty, and staff.


  • Highlights. See the most important information without opening the message.
  • Bundles.  Similar messages are bundled together so you can deal with them all at once. (Note:  In Inbox, you’ll still have access to all the labels you’ve set up in Gmail; however, the messages won’t be bundled.)
  • Reminders.  You can add reminders so your inbox contains all the things you need to get back to.
  • Snooze.  Snooze messages and Reminders to come back when you’re ready to deal with them---when you get home, next week, or whenever you choose.
  • Search.  Find any type of message without having to open that message.
  • Works with Gmail.  All your messages from Gmail are in Inbox, and your messages will remain in Gmail.

Switching to Inbox from Gmail

Switching to Inbox is completely optional; you can switch any time, or decide not to switch at all. You can even compare the two by trying out Inbox while still using Gmail.

Even if you switch to Inbox, you’ll still be able to use Gmail---both interfaces will always be available to you. And you won’t lose any messages if you switch; all your messages in Gmail will also be available to you in Inbox. However, keep in mind that some functions in Gmail (e.g., labels) might not work the same in Inbox as they do in Gmail.

Before You Get and Use Inbox

Before you try Inbox, consider reading through the pages listed below. These pages will help you decide if you want to switch, and will show you how switching might affect your messages.

Working with Inbox

Additional Help Resources