Google Calendar New Interface

Google Calendar has a new look, with a number of new event, calendar view, and settings features to help you manage your time more efficiently and get stuff done. The moderized color palette and polished design also deliver a responsive layout that adjusts to your screen.

New Features

The new Google Calendar includes the following new features:

  • View event details with a single click
    Display event details on screen by clicking the event.
  • Add rich formatting and hyperlinks to Calendar invites
    Link to spreadsheets, documents or presentations in your Calendar invite and open them from the new Event Detail view. Create more detailed agendas and keep materials in one place before the meeting starts.
  • Manage multiple calendars side by side in Day view
  • Click Day view and select the calendars to compare.
  • See contact information of meeting participants by hovering over their names in a Calendar invite.
  • View and restore deleted items if you accidentally delete a meeting invite.
  • A Hangout is automatically attached to new events created with multiple attendees.
  • Day, Week, and Month views are now more accessible, featuring better compatibility with screen readers.

Day View

Switching to the New Google Calendar

To start using the new version, simply click usenewgooglecal at the top of your Google Calendar.

The current ("Classic") version of Google Calendar will continue to be available until February 28, 2018; after that, Google will make the change permanent. So you'll be able to switch between the two versions until then. You may want to take this time to get used to the new Calendar before the change is permanent.

Please note that all your calendar appointments, contacts, and settings will stay exactly the same in both calendar versions.

If you want to switch back to Classic Calendar any time between now and February 28th, just click on your calendar's gear-shaped Settings icon and then select Back to classic Calendar

back to classic cal

Want to Learn More?

Click here to find out more about the new Google Calendar for web.