Obtaining a MATLAB Activation Key from the GU Webstore

  1. Go to the Georgetown University Software Webstore.
  2. Click the Sign In link at the top right-hand side of the page.

  3. At the prompt, enter your NetID and password and then click SIGN IN.

  4. Enter “matlab” in the search box and then click the search icon or press Enter.

    You should see listings for MATLAB, as shown below.


  5. If the products you want aren’t displayed, select the desired platform from the Choose a platform drop-down.

  6. Click Add to Cart for the desired product.

  7. Click on Shopping Cart.  

    MATLAB should be listed, as shown below.


  8. Click Check Out if you’re done shopping, or click Back to Shopping to continue shopping for more software products. (Note If you’re obtaining MATLAB for another person, such as a faculty member, select the option I am ordering on behalf of someone else.)
  9. In the next window, complete the fields and then click Next.

  10. Verify that your order and contact information are correct, and then click Proceed With Order. (MATLAB should be listed as Free.)

    You should see the following order confirmation:


  11. If you ordered MATLAB for someone else, and their email address was not included in the order, you can have an email receipt be sent to that person by clicking on Email order receipt, entering the person’s email address, and then clicking Send.
  12. You will see the “Activation Code” on the Order Confirmation page. Copy this code as you will need it to download the software from the Matlab site.

Now that you have the activation code, you can associate it with your Mathworks Account and download Matlab.