Faculty and Staff (Department) Printing

Through h.Print, Georgetown’s print service for students, faculty, and staff, Main Campus and Medical Center departments are eligible to receive Xerox printers. With h.Print, you can securely print from your desktop or laptop computer.

With h.Print, departments do not need to buy or lease their printers; Xerox absorbs the cost of the printer. With no lease, departments do not incur lease charges; they are only charged for what they use. (Printing rates are as follows:  monochrome [black and white], .023 cents per impression and .046 cents per page; color, .060 per impression.) Printer toner and cartridges are free, but departments will need to pay for replacement paper and staples.

Many of the newly installed Xerox multi-function printers offer black and white or color printing options, as well as email and scan capability.