Create Groups in a Canvas Site Based on Section Enrollment

As an Instructor, you can create Groups in a Canvas site based on your students' section enrollment.  

Please note:

  • The process below will capture the groups-as-sections at the time of creation. The groups will NOT be dynamically updated when new students enroll in the course or when students switch sections.  The instructor or TA would have to manually update group memberships if new students enroll or if current students change sections.
  • The group names are based on the name given to the Group Set (e.g. if Group Set name is "Yellow," then groups will be Yellow 1, Yellow 2, Yellow 3, etc).  As such, the group names will not necessarily reflect the section number.  Group names can, of course, be manually edited to reflect the section numbers, as needed.


1.  Click on People:


2. Click on Add Group Set ( + Group Set ):


3.  On the Create Group Set pop-up window, take the following steps:

  • 3.1:  Type in a Name for the Group Set. For example, you can name the Group Set as Course Section Group
  • 3.2:  
    • Select the radio button for Split students into N groups
    • Enter the number of groups that you would like to create. If you want one group for each section, you will enter the number of sections that are in the given Canvas site.  For example, 4.
    • Place a check mark next to Require group members to be in the same section. This will ensure that each section in the Canvas site, with all of its students, becomes one group.
  • 3.3:  Finally, click on the Save button

create group set

Once saved, the groups will be created, and membership will be assigned based on section enrollment as below:

groups created