Building Access Badge

Getting Your Building Access Badge

There are 2 easy ways to access your Building Access Badge.

Through the GU360 Building Access App

Beginning on January 19, 2021, please download the GU360 mobile app and use the app to complete your COVID-19 Daily Check-in and show your Building Access Badge.

  1. Apple iOS devices (new window)
    Android devices (new window)
  2. Install the app.
  3. Open the app.
  4. Click on the “Log-in” prompt.
  5. Use your NetId and password to log-in.
  6. Authenticate via DUO.
  7. If you are prompted to allow API access, click “Allow.”

  1. Click on the “COVID-19 Daily Check-in” button on the app’s home screen. (This is also accessible from the app menu)
  2. Follow the prompts.
  3. Once completed, click the app menu in the upper-left corner and select “Building Access Badge” from the menu.
  4. Show your Building Access Badge to University public health screeners when asked.
  5. Click “Schedule a Test” to schedule a COVID-19 test via the One Medical app.

If your app displays a error message:

  • Cannot launch the app.
You may see an error message like this.

This error means your session has ended. You must logout and log back into the app to reestablish the session. To do so, force close your app first. Then open the app again. You will be shown the login button. Or, if it still looks like you are logged in, click on the down arrow next to the user icon on top right, and click on “Logout.” If force closing the app and restarting it does not resolve the issue, please try updating the app version, or uninstalling and then reinstalling the app. The Android version of the app has been updated to version 9 as of 4/14/21. Please check your version, and if your version is not up-to-date, please update accordingly. If the issue persists, please contact for assistance. Alternately, you can login through your mobile browser by going to:

  • API access not enabled error message.

When you first installed the app, you were prompted to Allow Access for salesforce (similar to the screenshot below). Be sure to click on “Allow” to have API access enabled. If you did not do that when you installed the app, you’ll need to uninstall the app and reinstall and allow access to use it.

  • Why does the app need to have access to so many things?

The terms presented on this screen are not requests for your private device data.
GU360 uses software (“Salesforce”) to manage data within the institution.  The GU360 app, which is optional, is asking to connect to the university’s Salesforce instance to:

  • Access your basic information in Salesforce
  • Provide access to that Salesforce data to you via the Web
  • Access and manage your Salesforce data
  • Perform requests for you, from the app (as in create and save records) at any time.

If you do not want the app to perform these functions, logging directly into the website at (new window) allows you to modify your daily attestation directly, without an app interface in the middle.
We do not collect your personal device data other than a basic log showing that logged in from a specific OS.

Through a browser

The Building Access Badge can also be accessed by going to on a browser.

Using Your Building Access Badge

Georgetown University faculty and staff who have been approved to work on campus are required to show your Building Access Badge to gain entry to university buildings staffed by a public health screener. Your Building Access Badge must be green to gain access. Red badges will be denied entry.

As of October 14, and each day after, if you do not have a green GU360 Building Access Badge your GOCard will be temporarily deactivated until you take the actions needed to get a green GU360 Building Access Badge, which are listed below.

As of January 19, you will no longer be using the One Medical app for your daily check-ins. Your daily risk status in the One Medical app is not adequate proof of your compliance with the University’s health and safety measures, and you cannot use it to enter University buildings. You will need to show your green GU360 Building Access Badge.

If you have been approved to work in a University building that is not staffed by a public health screener, you will continue to have GOCard access to the building, as long as you have a green Building Access Badge. You will not be required to show your Building Access Badge to enter these buildings. However, you are still required to complete the COVID-19 daily symptom check-in survey in the One Medical mobile app and check the status of your Building Access Badge before arriving on campus. If your Building Access Badge is red, you should not come on campus or enter any University building. If your Building Access Badge is green, you can enter university buildings, and you must wear a face covering, practice physical distancing, and comply with all other District of Columbia guidance and University health and safety measures while on campus.

The color of your Building Access Badge is determined by several factors. To receive a green badge, you must:

  1. Complete the COVID-19 daily symptom check-in survey every day, regardless of whether you will be coming to campus that day or the next day, and receive a “Low Risk Factor” in the app. You should complete the daily health check-in before arriving on campus. Your daily risk status in the GU360 app is only good for 24 hours. You need to receive a low risk status every day in order to maintain your green GU360 Building Access Badge.
  2. Sign the One Medical consent form (new window), which authorizes One Medical to release your COVID-19 test results to Georgetown.
  3. Not have an active COVID-19 positive test result.
  4. Have been tested for COVID-19 at least once in the preceding seven days or have scheduled a test through One Medical in the next seven days, and comply with the testing requirements in the University’s COVID-19 Testing Protocol. The University usually receives testing results from One Medical later than the patient, and receives future appointment data hourly.
  5. Have completed the Spring 2021 Affirmation and signed the Georgetown University Community Compact by logging into GU360. AND
  6. Have been approved to learn or work on campus.

You have been approved to work or learn on campus if:

  • Your supervisor has identified you as someone who needs to work on campus and submitted this information to the appropriate university leader (e.g., Executive Vice President or Chief Operating Officer);
  • The appropriate university leader has approved this submission;
  • You have received an invitation to download the One Medical mobile application, downloaded the app, and signed the consent form (new window), which authorizes One Medical to release your COVID-19 test results to Georgetown;
  • You have complied with the University’s testing protocols; AND
  • You have completed the Spring 2020 Affirmation and signed the Georgetown University Community Compact on the GU360 website.

Building Access Badge Help

If you receive a red badge, you can click on the “Badge Color Help” button at the bottom of your Building Access Badge. A pop-up window will explain how your building access status was determined.

If you receive a “High Risk Factor” for your daily check-in, Georgetown’s public health team will contact you to discuss your next steps.

If you feel a red badge was issued in error, you will have the opportunity to work with the University and One Medical to assess your individual results.

If you have questions related to One Medical, please contact One Medical at 1-888-ONEMED1 (1-888-663-6331) or

If you have questions about the Building Access Badge or need additional information, please contact our University Helpline between 9 a.m.-5 p.m. EDT Monday to Friday at 202-784-3510 or email

Quick Reference in English

  1. A one-time signed compact in GU360, click on Spring 2020 Affirmation.
  2. A one-time signed consent form in One Medical
  3. A negative COVID-19 test result within the last 7 days, or a scheduled test via the One Medical app in the next 7 days.
  4. A daily attestation in the GU360 App or at within the last 25 hours.
  5. To check your GU360 badge, click on Building Access Badge in the GU Mobile app or visit

Quick Reference in Spanish

  1. Para registrarse, favor de entrar a GU360 para firmar el convenio que es requerido para los que se registran por primera vez.
  2. Después, favor de firmar la autorización de One Medical para compartir el resultado de sus exámenes con la Universidad.
  3. Puede hacer una cita con One Medical utilizando la aplicación. Necesita obtener un resultado negativo de COVID-19 por lo menos en los últimos 7 días o tener una cita para hacerse el examen en los próximos 7 días.
  4. Favor de contestar diariamente el cuestionario que está disponible en la aplicación de GU360 o en el sito de web Tiene que responder al cuestionario a lo menos 25 horas antes de presentarse a la Universidad.
  5. Para revisar tu estatus en GU360, visite la pagina

Printable Quick Reference Instructions

A PDF printer-friendly version of the above quick reference instructions in English and Spanish is available for download in Box.