Instructions for Uploading Your Covid-19 Vaccination Documentation

Please follow the instructions below to submit your Covid-19 vaccination documentation to Georgetown University.

  • If you have received a one-dose vaccine, please skip the “Second Vaccination Dose Details” section.
  • If you have received both doses of a two-dose vaccine, please fill out both dose detail sections of the form.
  • If you have only received your first dose and need to receive a second dose, please enter the date of your second appointment. You will need to submit updated documentation after you receive your second dose.
  • If you have received a booster shot, please select “Booster” from the Vaccine dropdown menu, as noted below. If you previously submitted your original dose(s), you do not need to re-enter that information.
  • Please have your CDC vaccination card (or other proof of vaccination) with you.

Uploading Your Documentation

  1. Open the GU360 app on your mobile device, or, if you are using a browser, log into with your NetID.
  2. Select “COVID-19 Vaccination Documentation.”
1st vaccine upload screen
  1. Select the product name/manufacturer of the vaccine you received from the dropdown list
  1. If this is the first time you are entering your vaccination information, enter the location where you received your first dose, select “First Dose,” and enter the  date you received it.
Dose selection
2nd dose upload
  1. If you have received a single-dose vaccine (e.g.,  Johnson & Johnson), you should skip the “Second Vaccination Dose Details” section.
  2. If you have received the second dose of a two-dose vaccine (e.g., Pfizer-BioNtech or Moderna), or you have an appointment scheduled for your second dose, select “Second Dose,” and enter the date, product name/manufacturer, and site of vaccination.
    • If you do not know when you will receive your second dose, please update this information once you have received your second dose. You will need to submit a new form with updated vaccination card images.
  3. If you have received a booster shot, in the “Vaccination Details” section, select the product name/manufacturer of the vaccine you received from the dropdown list, enter the location where you received the booster shot, select “Booster” from the “Vaccine” dropdown list, and enter the date you received it.
Vaccine card upload
  1. Upload a photo of the front and back of your vaccination record card.
    • You can rotate the image you uploaded to the correct orientation if needed. 
    • Click on “Submit Photo” if you are satisfied with the image.
  1. Once you have uploaded both sides of the card, click on “Preview” to review all the data you have inputted. 
  2. Make updates, if needed.
  3. Read the statement for submission, then click “Submit” to submit your vaccination documentation.

Please note: There is no way to edit a submitted record. To make corrections, please submit a new form. By submitting this information and documentation to the University, you certify that the information submitted is true, accurate, and complete.  Submitting false information to the University is a violation of University policies and can lead to discipline.

Instructions for accessing your Georgetown vaccine status

These directions are for Georgetown faculty, staff, and students who have already submitted their
vaccination documentation to Georgetown.

  1. Login to in your COMPUTER browser. Please note that the app and mobile browsers will not show your name, so you should use a computer.
  2. On the Georgetown 360 home page, you will see cards with different icons. Click on “Building
    Access Badge”
GU360 select a site tiles
  1. On your badge, click on the “ i ” icon:
  1. Verify that the check mark next to “Submitted your vaccination documentation” is green. Submit a screenshot of this page.