Copy Content between Two Canvas Course Sites

If you are an Instructor in both of the course sites (the source site and the destination site), you can copy content between two Canvas course sites.  
  • Access the destination course site (the course site where you want to copy the content to)
  • Click on the Settings button
  • On the Settings page, click on Import Content into this Course
  • For Select Content Type: From the drop-down menu, select Copy a Canvas Course
  • For Search for the (source) course: From the drop-down menu, select the course from where you want to copy the content
  • For Content: Click on All Content or Select specific content
  • Place a check mark if you want to adjust events and due dates
  • Click on the Import button

Note: If you chose the Select specific content option, you will be prompted to choose what you want to copy over once the import starts. Review the status of the copy process on the Import Content page to make sure that everything was copied correctly.