Connecting to Saxanet with Windows 7

This procedure will enable you to configure your Windows 7 or Windows Vista computer for the SaxaNet secure wireless network. You will only need to perform the configuration once on each computer you use to connect to SaxaNet.


Make sure pop-up blocking is turned off before you begin. (Be sure to turn pop-up blocking back on after you’ve completed this procedure.)
In order to configure and connect to SaxaNet, you will need to change your NetID password before you begin this procedure. 

  1. Click on the wireless icon located in your system tray (lower right-hand corner of your computer). 

  2. Select SaxaNet from the list of wireless networks.
  3. At the login prompt, enter your NetID and password. 
  4. Click OK. (In the following example, “jhoya” has been entered as the NetID.) (Important:  If you see the text “”, enter only your NetID.)

  5. You can also click on the wireless icon to view SaxaNet listed in your available wireless networks list, as shown in the example below: 

  6. You are now connected to SaxaNet. From now on, when you want to connect to SaxaNet, just click on the bubble window (it should appear in your system tray automatically if SaxaNet is available at that location), and then enter your NetID and password at the login prompt to connect to SaxaNet.