Installing Zoom for Hosting (Mac)

  1. Go to the Zoom Download page
  2. From the "Zoom Software Download Center" page, click Download for Zoom Client for Meetings.
  3. The installer file, zoomInstaller.pkg, will be downloaded to your Downloads folder.
  4. In the Finder, go to your Downloads folder and then double-click on the installer file.
  5. In the pop-up window, click Continue to run the installer program. 
  6. In the Zoom window, click Sign In.
  7. In the next window, click Login with SSO.
  8. In the Login SSO window, make sure is entered, and then click Continue.
  9. In the Georgetown login window, enter your NetID and password, and then click SIGN IN.
  10. The Zoom main window will be displayed.
  11. You can now: