Attending a Zoom Meeting

Joining A Zoom Meeting
What are the Attendee Controls?

 Participant Options

Attendee Meeting Option Description
unmute  mute

Unmute My Audio / mute My Audio. Just click the icon to toggle between Mute and Unmute. 

 adjust audio settings

(Click "up arrow" to the right of mute/unmute button) Opens the Audio Settings window to test & adjust your micrphone settings

start videostop video

Start / stop video

adjust video settings

(Click the "up arrow" to the right of start/stop video button) Opens the Video Settings window to test & adjust your camera settings


Enables you to invite people to your meeting


Open Participants window where you can view the other participants in the meeting, raise your hand, change your display name, mute or unmute your microphone, and chat with all or specific participants

share screen

This option enables you to share your entire desktop or any window/application on your computer, such as documents (e.g., Microsoft Word, PowerPoint) and videos. If you share a document, participants will be able to see any changes you make to the document as you're making them.   


Enables you to initiate a chat session with meeting participants. 


This option enables you to record your meeting. The recording will be saved to a file that you can share with meeting participants or others as well. 

leave meeting

Enables you to leave the meeting. (Note You can rejoin the meeting at any time while the meeting is still in progress.)