Georgetown PremiereCall Auditorium

This is a recent enhancement to the operator-assisted services. It combines the convenience of automated pass code access with operator-assistance for "listen-only" calls, accommodates up to 2000 participants. Features include: Dedicated Operator, Multiple Speaker Capability, Electronic Polling, and Q&A. Rate: $0.188 per minute per caller.

  • Education Announcements
  • All Hands Meetings
  • Seminars and Briefs
  • News Conferences
Getting Started is Easy

Once you choose a date and time for your meeting, just call an Event Manager at 877-260-9549 to discuss the details and additional features that will enhance your event.

The Big Day

Your Conference Support Specialist will provide:

  • An audio check to ensure clear sound quality prior to your meeting
  • Pre-conference support and private discussion for multiple speakers
  • Custom scripted openings, introductions and closing announcements
  • Muted participant lines
  • Interactive Q&A and polling sessions
After the Event

You'll receive a post-event report that includes event details, along with the participant data you requested.