How do I Send a Message to a List?

These instructions assume that you are an authorized sender.  If you are not, please contact your appropriate steward listed here to help you send your message.

1.  From your administrative account, send an e-mail to the appropriate list(s):  all Main and Qatar Campus faculty and staff  all Main Campus undergraduate students  all Medical Center faculty and staff  all Medical Center students  all Main Campus graduate students

2.  Blind carbon copy (BCC) the address
3.  Enter a subject that is informative and includes your department at the beginning of the subject line. Examples include:

  • Biology:  2013 Conference on Dinosaurs in Colorado, Call for Papers
  • Georgetown School of Medicine:  Golden Apple 2014 – Call for Nominations
  • Benefits:  Information on 2014 options for health care

4.  In the message, enter your text as you would like it to read. Note the following considerations:

  • Please keep in mind that large pictures (graphics, images) may not be easily seen on small devices such as smartphones.
  • Please keep fonts to the appropriate size, for the same reason as above.

5.  In the final line of the e-mail, please make sure to include the line stating who has approved this message for broadcast. You may want to use a smaller font for this line than the rest of the message. Some examples are:

  • This message was posted by Erika Cohen Derr under authority granted by the Division of Student Affairs.
  • This message was posted by Sonia Jacobson on behalf of the Global Health Grant Steering Committee and as authorized by the Provost.
  • This message was posted by Amanda Delp on behalf of and as authorized by the Provost

Click here if you need to send a message to groups at the Law Center.