Features Settings

Below are a list of features you should set to help maximize your Dialpad experience. Note:  You need to be in the Dialpad app to make any changes to these features settings. 

Making sure the timezone is correct will ensure your calls are timestamped with the correct time based on your location.

Select a PIN so you can access your voicemail outside the Dialpad app. 

You can create a personal greeting if you're away from your desk or out of the office for an extended time. You can record a greeting on your computer or from your mobile device. 

  • Change the physical address under For Your Safety (in your Settings)

You'll want to keep the physical address you have listed up to date. This address will be used in case of an emergency call. 

HD Calling enables you to make and receive calls on your mobile device over an Internet connection rather than through your carrier. With HD Calling enables calling to happen when you're in a location with nonexistent or weak cell reception.