Dialpad FAQ

  • What is Dialpad?

Dialpad is a collaboration tool that enables you to make and receive phone calls from your computer (Mac, Windows) and mobile device (iPhone/iPad, Android).  

  • Detailed instructions

Click here for detailed written instructions for using Dialpad and managing settings

  • Do I need to get Dialpad?

No, you don't need to get Dialpad at this time since we are evaluating it as part of a pilot. However, if we make Dialpad available to all Georgetown faculty and staff, you might want to consider enrolling in Dialpad. 

  • What can I do with Dialpad (that I can't do with my desk phone)?

You will have much more information available about other Dialpad users (such as other Georgetown Dialpad users)

  • Who is eligible to get Dialpad?

Since we are currently in a pilot, Dialpad is only availalble to certain departments for evaluation. If we decide to make Dialpad available campus wide, all current Georgetown faculty and staff will be eligible to get Dialpad. 

  • How do I get Dialpad?

If you are a current Georgetown faculty or staff member and work in one of the departments participating in the Dialpad pilot program, you will receive an email invitation to try out Dialpad. You can then click here to get Dialpad

  • Do I get to keep my desk phone number?

You can keep your desk phone number, but you'll want to set up Dialpad to forward calls from your desk phone to your Dialphone phone number. (When you get Dialpad, you'll be assigned a new phone number.) 

  • Will people know it's me if I'm getting a new phone number with Dialpad?

​You should pass on your new Dialpad phone number to everyone with whom you call regularly so they will know to recognize you when you call them (or when they need to call you). Make sure to also set up Dialpad to forward calls from your desk phone number to your new Dialpad phone number

  • If I use Dialpad on my mobile phone, will my minutes be used up every time I make a call? 

Dialpad offers a feature called "HDCalling" where you won't have to use your minutes. With HD Calling, you'll be able to make and receive calls over a Wi-Fi network if you're in a location that has spotty or no cell phone coverage.

To set up HD Calling, from the Dialpad app on your mobile device, go into Settings and then look for HD Calling. Tap "Enable HD Calling" for both inbound and outbound calls.