Moving From Blackboard to Canvas

What are my options? 

Option A) Migrate just your course files from Blackboard:

Choosing to build your Canvas course from the ground up by creating new content items and uploading course files from your computer’s hard drive might be the easiest route for most people. 

If you only need to move files (e.g. Powerpoint, Word, PDF, etc.) between Blackboard and Canvas, we recommend you download the files from your Blackboard course and then upload them into your Canvas course. This can include your course folder hierarchy. 

For more information and instructions see: Download your Blackboard course files and folders 

Option B) Export your whole Blackboard course:

If you have course material that includes Blackboard files, assignments, tests, discussions, announcements etc., you can select to export your entire course as a Common Cartridge zip file. The zip file will contain your course material, course layout and configuration. The zip file can then be uploaded into a Canvas course. 

Please be prepared to do an extensive clean-up after the upload into Canvas is complete.

For more information and instructions see: Export my Blackboard course 

How do i Import my Blackboard course Material into Canvas? 

Before you can import your Blackboard course material into Canvas, you first need to either export your Blackboard course or download your Blackboard course files.

If you decided to migrate your course files (Option A):

Following the file download instructions above will result in either individual course files, or a zip file containing your course files and folders on your computer's hard drive. Once you have your Blackboard course files downloaded, go to the course in Canvas where you want your course material to appear, and follow one of the guides below.

Upload an individual course file into a Canvas course (e.g. word document, power-point, PDF, etc.)

Bulk upload course files into a Canvas course (e.g. upload multiple word, power-point or PDF files all at once).

Upload a zip file (containing your blackboard course files and/or folders) into a Canvas course.

If you've decided to export your course (Option B):

First go to the course in Canvas where you want your course material to appear. Click the "Settings" button located at the bottom of the Canvas course menu.

Then, follow these instructions on how to import your Blackboard Common Cartridge zip file into Canvas.

Please be prepared to do an extensive clean-up after the upload into Canvas is complete.


What Course Material in Blackboard can I import into Canvas? 



Discussion Forums

Files and Folders

Tests and Test Pools
Currently not all assessment question types or attributes are supported, so exported tests and pools won't include incompatible question types. Canvas does offer many of the same question types that Blackboard does -- see here for more details.

What course material in Blackboard does not import well (or at all) into Canvas? 

Blogs and Journals

Course Menu and Content Areas 
This is the space in Blackboard where course material is visually structured into folders (e.g. Documents, Assignments, and any sub-folder hierarchy). In Canvas this structure will be re-created within the Modules area of the course. -- see here more details

Content Items
In Blackboard these combine a variety of materials to view together, such as text, multimedia, and file attachments. Migrating Content Items will result in Canvas automatically converting them into Pages. If the Content Items contain file attachments or links to webpages, they may break upon import and will need to be reviewed  -- see here for more details.

Discussion Threads
Student-created threads and activity will not migrate from Blackboard to Canvas.

Migrating Blackboard groups will create group shells in your Canvas course, but settings and enrollments will not migrate. It’s best to create Groups from the ground up in Canvas -- see here for more details.

Grade Weights

Manually created Gradebook columns
It's recommended to create new 'manual' Gradebook columns using Assignments in Canvas -- see here for more details.

SCORM content

Student submissions and activity will NOT migrate. This includes submissions to assignments, tests, discussions, or third-party tools (e.g. Turnitin, VoiceThread, McGraw-Hill, etc.).

Migrating Wikis will convert them into ‘Pages’ in your Canvas course -- see here for more details.

How do I Archive my Blackboard course material?
How do I get help?

Moving from Blackboard to Canvas? 

For help archiving and migrating your Blackboard content: