Broadcast Email

To quickly communicate with large segments of the community, you may use broadcast e-mail.

The broadcast e-mail lists are automatically populated with subscribers each night, based on specific parameters for each list (e.g., student, faculty or staff affiliation; class code; primary campus). These lists are populated with addresses. 

If you have not established where your e-mail should be delivered, you will not be subscribed to any of these lists. The day after you establish that delivery information in the online directory, you will be added to all appropriate lists.

Before going out, all messages must be approved. In addition, all messages are subject to the university's technology and communications policies. Additional  have been established for Vice Presidents and designated Data Stewards.

Note: To help guard the university from unauthorized mass e-mailers, some links on this page are password protected. You will need to log in with your University NetID and password.