Box Interface Changes and New Features

In September 2017, Box introduced a “new Box experience” that includes new and updated features. The following table lists and briefly describes some of these feature changes.  

You can view this video about the new Box experience for more information and a complete list of changes. 

Feature Description

Quicker access to sharing options

Options for sharing a folder are now consolidated into one button. Click on the “Share this Folder” button to access sharing options. When you click on the folder you want to share, a Share drop-down will be displayed with the options “Invite Collaborators” and “Get Shared Link”. 
Easy access to Favorites You can set your Box home page to display all your items marked as Favorites. 
New Thumbnail view for images You can now quickly view your images in a new Thumbnail view. 
Preview 3D and high definition files You can now preview 3D (e.g., product images) and high-definition files (e.g., medical imaging files) in Box.  
New Details Pane The new Details pane displays at-a-glance metadata about your file or folder, such as the version history, description, properties, owner, creation date, last modified date, and size. 
Quick Access to Search Filter Tool Click on the Filter Tool button, which is now directly available from the Search bar, to enter additional search criteria. 
Support for using Copy and Paste via keyboard You can now use keyboard shortcuts for Copy  (Ctrl + C [Windows], Command + C [Mac]) and Paste (Ctrl + V [Windows], Command + V [Mac]) to copy and paste your files between your Box folders, as well as from your computer to a Box folder. 
Improved Box Notes Box Notes has a new sidebar that includes the ability to quickly add a Box Note, access recently edited Box Notes, and bookmark favorite Box Notes.