Add Users to a Canvas Site

You can add users to a Canvas site by following the instructions below.  


(1) you can only add users who have NetIDs

(2) you can only use a NetID to add users

Access your course in Canvas and click on the People button:

Click on the +People button:


On the Add People pop-up window:

1. Select the "Login ID" button

2. Enter the NetIDs (NetIDs only--NOT email addresses). If you are adding more than one person, add each NetID per line as in the screenshot below (if you do not know the exact NetID of the user whom you are trying to add, you can look it up at

2. Select the appropriate Role (e.g. Student, Teacher, etc)

3. Click on the Next button

enter NetID



The system will search for the entered NetIDs and will validate them. If the system cannot validate the NetID, then it will ask you to look for the correct NetID at http://contact  Once validated, click on the Add Users button.

click on Add Users button


You will then be presented with a list of users in the course, with newly added user(s) on the page having "Pending" status:

shows pending status


Users will need to accept the invitation:  The newly-enrolled users will receive an invitation to accept the enrollment.  If they do not accept the invitation, they will remain in Pending status in the Canvas site. If the course site is published, users can see the invitation notification when they log in to Canvas.