Instructional Continuity

What is Instructional Continuity?  Instructional continuity refers to the university’s and faculty efforts of continuing course work despite and during disruptions due to weather, illness, or other factors. Learn more about Instructional Continuity by visiting the official Georgetown University Instructional Continuity site.

overview of the georgetown university campus with the words connecting with students, continuing with coursework along the bottome

What are the strategies for maintaining Instructional Continuity?  Strategies for maintaining Instructional Continuity include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Making plans for communicating with students
  • Considering possible adjustments to assignments
  • Implementing technologies such as online audio and video collaboration, lecture capture, or discussion boards

What can faculty do to prepare for emergencies and train for maintaining Instructional Continuity?  We believe that Instructional Continuity and day-to-day teaching and learning can be mutually supportive through the utilization of the teaching tools available at Georgetown. Many faculty have found that planning for Instructional Continuity has proved useful even for classes that continue under normal circumstances, since the technologies and tools can be used for everyday teaching and learning as well.

To learn more about Instructional Continuity, please visit the official Georgetown University Instructional Continuity site.